Monday, 6 September 2010

September Stars

Over on Folksy there are a bunch of sellers who join a listing club each month, headed up by the super duper and wonderfully talented Natalie, of NOfkantsCurios. This month they're called the September Stars, and I have (perhaps over-ambitiously) joined them... with the intention of listing a new item in our shops each day. So far, I've been doing ok. 5 new items listed, and 2 sold! But today has been one of those days where nothing has gone to plan, and the ideas that I thought were great, have turned out to be not so great. Soooo, rather than list a not-quite-up-to-scratch item today, I've decided to hold off till tomorrow and list two. Cos the September Stars team let you do that. Natalie doesn't shout at you if you miss a day, or fall off the wagon for a week or so, then hop back on. In fact, she celebrates every single sale with a happy dance, and everyone is totally supportive of each other. It's great!

Anyway, enough of my rambling. Here are five items that have been listed so far in September, from five of my favourite Stars! (And the sixth one at the end is one of my own...)

NOfkantsCurios jojasca
theglassmountain gailgriggs
audreyscat easyosycosy

1. Crinoid Fossil Jasper Gemstone Pendant from NOfkantsCurios
2. Woodland Noro Hat from Jojasca
3. Tightrope Walker Purse from The Glass Mountain
4. Time for Tea photographic print from Gail Griggs
5. 'Barbara' Apron from Audreys Cat
6. Hot water bottle cover from me!


  1. Gosh, I am blushing! Thank you so much for that, but it really is all of us working together! Its just that I am the fool that has been doing this every month since April Foolers! Mad or what? LOL!

    Thank you for featuring my Crinoid fossil pendant, it looks great there with all your other lovely choices!

    Natalie x

  2. You're too modest! It takes total dedication to stay up till midnight every night so you can be the one who starts the daily Sept Stars topic... and the fact you've been doing it since April is all the more impressive!

    We'd be lost without you Natalie! x

  3. lovely choices, I love the noro hat! Thankyou for including my purse

    Kate x

  4. Thanks for the mention - Natalie's doing a fantastic job! Love your hot water 'hottie,

    Luv Dawn