Friday, 30 July 2010

Folksy Friday

Oooh, my first Folksy Friday! I only just found out what a Folksy Friday is a few weeks ago, and since then have been busy on Fridays, with weddings and things. So, today is my first!I haven't yet managed to post links/photo's to my blog yet, so this may turn out to be a bit of a disaster, but I'll give it a go.

I seem to have been incredibly lucky lately, winning not one, but two prizedraws in the past month! And since it's Friday the 13th, apparently an unlucky day, I thought I'd choose items from Folksy sellers who are currently doing, or have recently done, giveaways... so hopefully some of my luck will rub off!

First up, here's what I won from Bizzy Beads last night when she reached 150 fans on Facebook! Buttons and books combined... amazing! She's going to do another giveaway when she reaches 200 fans, so you should definitely join in...

Yellow Squirrel are also doing a Facebook giveaway at the moment, but I just love this necklace over on their Folksy shop. I found an ancient Singer in a charity shop last year, so think this is great... and apparently the scissors actually work!
And isn't this just lovely?! Made by Laura's Little Lovelies who had a giveaway last week.

Jesselu's Craft Corner won Laura's Little Lovelies giveaway, and has her own giveaways from time to time too. She makes fab jewellery, but I spotted this cheeky bag in her shop today and think it's ace!
Little Wren Pottery had a giveaway earlier this week, which I was really hoping I'd win... but I didn't, so I'll just keep my fingers crossed for next time. Here's one of her items from Folksy which I think looks delicious... even tho there's no custard in it yet!

And last but not least, here's what I gave away to the winner of my prizedraw last week...

Happy Friday the 13th!

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